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Activities and organization

The services offered by PBR Technology are run in a professional manner in accordance with local laws and requirements demanded by customers, professional, punctual and competitive with respect to the following activities:

a) pipelines, oil pipelines, aqueducts, sewage irrigation and any other work related to building urban and rural;
b) construction and arrangement of roads and related works similar and complementary;
c) hydraulic and drainage, reservoirs and dredging, trenching, and anything else that relates to excavation and earthmoving in general;
d) demolition works;
e) quarries and extraction of raw materials in general;
f) own-account transport and special transport;
g) design, construction, maintenance and operation of machinery.

Drawing on the expertise of its staff and the skills of its employees PBR Technology srl is able to provide services:

· Management of complex projects (civil and mechanical)
· Supply of products and services
· Management of Occupational Safety and Health of Workers, Quality Assurance, and Respect for the surrounding environment
· Construction and installation with particular reference to the following activities:
· Implementation and control of topographic
· Civil works of any kind
· Pre-fabrication, construction and mechanical installations
· Inspections and checks during construction and final inspection.

The staff and specialists from time to time required to ensure the know-how required to carry out various projects acquired (mechanical and civil engineers, hydraulic engineers and environmental geologists, architects, surveyors (senior and junior), people in prevention and security and safety inspectors, administrators, quality inspectors and quality control engineers and welding inspectors, assistants to work, etc..) provide the necessary experience and skills acquired through the work carried out on behalf of the largest companies in the petrochemical sector, including the we recall Snam Rete Gas SpA, ABB Soimi, Agip, Edison, Elf Atochem, Enagas, Erdgas, Expertise, Exxon Mobil, Gaz de France, Ilva, Pramoil Pipelines Italians, Renco, Repsol, Rosetti Marino, Saipem, Snamprogetti, etc..

PBR TECHNOLOGY S.r.l. intends to impress more and more respect for their work and the pursuit of four objectives:
- QUALITY: the ability to meet contractual and technical requirements based on the results of checks carried out during the execution of the activities and, more generally, as performed in compliance with the contract.
- PUNCTUALITY: ability to meet deadlines.
- BEHAVIOUR AND TRAINING: ability to integrate and to place themselves in a proper relationship and collaboration before, during and after the execution of each contract as well as to demonstrate a proper management of employees, contractors and subcontractors.
- COMPETITIVENESS: the ability to gain positions in relation to the customer, even under the best quotes economic is able to achieve over other competitors.