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Quality policies

PBR TECHNOLOGY S.r.l. is committed to constantly pursue the following four objectives:
- QUALITY: Competence in respecting the contractual technical requisites based on the results of the tests carried out during the execution of the works and assurance that the works are delivered according to the contract stipulations.
- RELIABILITY: Competence in strictly meeting the delivery terms within the established time.
- BEHAVIOUR AND SUPERVISION: Competence in establishing and carrying out effective cooperation before, during and after the termination of any contract as well as managing the employees, collaborators and subcontractors.
- COMPETITIVENESS: Competence in achieving customer satisfaction due to the fact that PBR Technology is able to provide the best cost-effective solutions to be found on the market.

PBR TECHNOLOGY S.r.l. is aware of the importance of environmental protection and conservation, including the sustainable use and development of natural resources such as to ensure the prevention or reduction of pollution. It is therefore committed to complying with the pertinent national legislation and regulations in force as well as to applying the best practices in order to fully satisfy the customers’ specific requirements.

PBR TECHNOLOGY S.r.l. provides the workers with adequate information, training and awareness regarding the Policy, the implementation of all the precautionary measures, and the proper Health Security and Emergency Plans. It assesses the risks involved for the environment due to the work activities, identifies the preventative and protection measures to be implemented including the appropriate measures to guarantee over time the reduction of pollution level caused by the work. During the execution of the works every worker must apply his best efforts to respect and safeguard the surrounding environment, applying all his personal experience or the information received from collaborators, partners, customers and the pertinent supervisory organizations as well as the inhabitants and communities in the vicinity of the areas where the projects are executed.

PBR TECHNOLOGY S.r.l. is committed to the safety and health of its workers, thus it implements an effective safety and Health Program for its workers, collaborators as well as its partners, whose aim is to prevent accidents and injuries in compliance with its own standards and the standards of its customers, national legislations, and the applicable rules and regulations in force in the various countries.