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PBR Technology is a Company which provide Construction and Operation & Maintenance Services to the oil&Gas Power Industry.
Since immediate post world war period, PBR Technology has been operating in the field of great earth works, excavation works, construction of gas and oil pipelines, crossing rivers in HDD and to open sky, consolidation of river banks, environmental works, archeological works, as a General Contractor and/or Sub-contractor, for most important Italian petrochemical industries as Snam Rete Gas SpA, ABB Soimi, Agip, Edison, Italgas, Enagas, and in foreign countries for Gaz de France, Wingas GmbH, RWE GmbH.
Today PBR Technology operates with the latest excavation equipment, highly qualified personnel, and equipment for testing of technological systems required for the construction of pressurized pipelines. It also has a high-tech workshop for the maintenance of operating machines, as well as the design, modification and setup of special machines and equipment for the execution any type of work related to oil&gas field, and Emergency reponse service (Veneto Region - Italy).
PBR Technology has been awarded a patent for a special Pipe-Cutter® machine with hydraulic drive that can to cold cut pipes in metal, plastic or concrete, with diameters until 42”, without needing a jig (or other supporting device) inside the pipe itself, thanks to multiple punches that work simultaneously without crush the pipe.
Inclusion in the "Vendors' List" of Snam Rete Gas s.p.a., as suppliers for the following classes:
High-pressure gas pipelines DN < 300
High-pressure gas pipelines 300 < DN < 500
High-pressure gas pipelines 500 < DN < 650
High-pressure gas pipelines 650 < DN < 900
Earth moving and excavations of any type

The company’s fleet of operating machines and its highly qualified management and administrative personnel complete the contribution made by the partners that, in recent years, have become part of the company organization. Today PBR Technology operates with the latest routing and excavation equipment, highly qualified personnel, and state-ofthe- art equipment for the building and testing of technological systems required for the construction of pressurized pipelines. It also has a high-tech workshop for the maintenance of operating machines, as well as design, modification and setup of special machines and equipment for the execution of any type of work. The company’s equipment and machine fleet is the clear proof of PBR Technology’s operational potential.

Chairman message

PBR Techology is an Company to short/medium dimension fully family owned which having gained over 30 years of international experience, now feels ready to enter the difficult but promising UAE market.
In collaboration with ADGECO GROUP ABU DHABI, we got all the neccessarie Certifications power operate in the UAE, including the opening of current accounts at Doha Bank of Abu Dhabi, the settlement at our office at Corniche Road in Abu Dhabi, the availability of a large space for housing the working equipment at Sharjah in partnership with E.P. Pipeline F.Z.E., the ability to recruit staff from a list of about 600 workers Oil&Gas made available by Adgeco, and we are negotiating for to lease 350 sq.m. of warehouse in the complex Al Markaz to Al Dhafra (Abu Dhabi).
Our employees residing in Abu Dhabi with regloare work permit which, the Resident Manager Mr. Alberto Padovani, the Project Manager Mr. Antony Vijayan and the Contract Engineer Mr. Noufal Nalakath, in partnership with Adgeco Group, are developing our project so cautious and reasonable, in order to follow the right way to insert ourselves and stay long time in the UAE market.
With the premises above, I wish everyone a good job,


Our mission is to continue to develop and enhance our experience of working in every part of the World, in order to contribute to constantly improve our system of work to satisfy our Clients, in terms of Quality, Safety and Environment.


The Vision of PBR Technology to take the first step to enter the UAE market, is to inspect and assess medium-size works which potential Clients Oil & Gas UAE intend to contract and/or subcontract.
The types of jobs that interest PBR are the following:
- Mechanical Maintenance Facilities Oil & Gas plant
- Pipelines, Aqueducts ad Sewers of small size
- Pefabrication Oil & Gas Installation on and offshore (pumping stations, power stations)
- Infrastructure construction (Water supply, Sewerage, Electrical Lines)
- Earthwork in land and water
- Drilling HDD
- Crossings opencast roads and rivers
The works mentioned abowe must have an maximum amount to 5 million euro.
PBR Technology is also available to participate in joint-venture tenders with Other Trust Company


35 years of experience in the oil & gas sector have taught us one thing: focus on human resources.
The oil & gas activities require equipment and technologically advanced equipment, electronics constantly updated, higher-quality materials, and a solid financial stability.
All of this needs to be managed in the best way from the Human Resources, beginnig with the managers until the clerk, from foreman until the laborer, from the bellman until the cleaning staff.
The excellent results obtained so far are derived mainly from the selection, training and respect of the Human Resources that make up our company.
The PBR Technology employees have in common developed skills within the Company such as humility, respect, tolerance, professional skills, and awareness of corporate objectives.


PBR Technology operates in compliance with the Quality and Safety at Work, as documented by ISO certifications 9001 – 2008, 14001 – 2004, BS-OHSAS 18001 – 2007.