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Murlis - Pordenone – Italy
Open-cut crossing of the Medusa river for laying the DN 100 (4”) military oil pipleline

Open-cut crossing of the Meduna river near the town of Murlis di Zoppola (Pordenone) and laying of military oil pipeline (DN 100 (4”) steel piping), including the relative civil and mechanical works (welding, wrapping, laying, coating check, testing and washout) with replacement of the existing pipe, which showed evidence of defects that prevented its use in conditions of safety. In particular, the job envisages the replacement of the pipe section no longer in use (6.02 mm thick and approx.616.35 m long to be replaced) by laying a new pipeline along the same alignment. The laying depth of the new pipeline is approx. 6.00 metres for an overall crossing length of approx. 630 metres

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