Hearth moving and hydraulic works


Sea and river works, riverbank reconstruction and flood defence works.

Thanks to its powerful heavy-duty equipment and machines equipped with specific applications for these works, as well as the know-how and technical expertise of its workers, PBR Technology can carry out all types of open-cut crossings of rivers and large, high capacity water courses, excavation and sea works, longitudinal flood defence works (embankments, gabions, mattresses, retaining walls, foundations and slope linings etc.) and transversal flood defence works (concrete checkwalls, various types of gabions, cross barriers, and other types of barriers etc.).


Works on agricultural land, excavation, earth works, and demolition work in general.

In the field of earth moving in general, the company is backed by a long and consolidated experience and a wide range of equipment and machines including trucks, road tractors, semi-trailers, dumpers, compaction rollers, excavators, bulldozers, mini excavators, crawler loaders, wheel loaders, mini loaders, to be used according to specific requirements, work type, and work area.


Expertise in the field of quarries that extracted stone for the production of aggregate for the building industry. The jobs include reprofiling of slopes, perforation with hydraulic drilling rigs and/or excavators with demolition hammers, crushing, extraction, transport of the material, and final preparation of the slopes by means of covering them with geotextile sheeting suitable for hydro-seeding.


PBR TECHNOLOGY S.r.l. executes any clearance and reinstatement work on terrain featuring rocks, stones, and pebbles of diverse size and shape via removal work or via mechanical screening and crushing.
For the latter process the company is equipped with grading type vibrating screens and special mobile stone crushing plants (Kirpy type) mounted on large high-cylinder tractors that process materials with size up to 150 mm.
This equipment is ideal for clearing mountain roads, maintenance of ski slopes and the clearance and reinstatement of stony terrain.
Said equipment is moreover used for the scheduled maintenance of roads and forest areas with very stony terrain, in particular flat or low hilly areas or pasture land, ensuring a surface finish (after one pass or max. two with crusher and stone collector) ready.