Gas pipelines, oil pipelines and aqueducts

PBR TECHNOLOGY S.r.l. operates on national and international markets as a general contractor and sub-contractor for the construction of natural gas, oil, and water pipelines for the most important Italian and overseas petrochemical industries (Snam Rete Gas SpA, ABB Soimi, Agip, Edison, Italgas, Enagas, Gaz de France, Wingas GmbH, RWE GmbH, etc).

The know-how and experience acquired over many years in the pipeline sector enables the company to execute all the works involved in pipeline construction:

• Pipeline civil works (land surveying using GPS equipment, route staking, route clearance, excavation, backfill, definitive reinstatement work, open-cut or drilled system water crossings, complementary works etc.);
• Pipeline mechanical works (pipe stringing, pipe bending, welding, sand-blasting and wrapping, pipeline laying, connection of pipeline sections, hydraulic tests, cathodic protection of pipes, etc.);
• General civil and mechanical works (excavation and earth moving work, concrete pouring, backfill, pre-prefabrication of piping, mechanical assembly, sandblasting and wrapping, de-watering and hydraulic tests, complementary works etc);
• Other operations required for the completion of the works.

The company's team of collaborators and specialists (engineers, topographers, surveyors, project managers, foremen, welding technicians, etc) is fully able to guarantee the highest quality standards in terms of execution and technical and project management of the pipeline works.
The company is renowned on the Italian and international markets for its professionalism, credibility, fairness in competition, specialized workforce and production resources, partnership in important joint ventures and consortia in the field of construction of utility networks and pipelines, and investment programs for the acquisition of new equipment.